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Cleaning in Panama


Cleaning definitely is always a concern. Dedicate hours and hours a week to keep your home clean, get the right person to take the cleanliness of your home, deal with the bad service received. In short, many things to worry about, and that ended with Green Cleaning Services, the best apartment cleaning in Panama.

We train our staff and use the best chemicals friendly to the market environment.

How do we ensure quality?

With our HOME 360 ° cleaning system we make sure to provide an effective and quality cleaning. Bringing satisfaction and joy to our pace. We have fully trained cleaning professionals and supervisors who will ensure that all cleaning has been done in the right way. Checking every part of the house and checking for total cleanliness in the area. In this way we ensure our quality service.

How do we do it?

Households are usually divided into: kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. In the same way we will section your home and clean each area in detail.
We offer eventual, weekly and daily cleaning, as you wish.
We adapt completely to your needs.
We offer Basic, Deep and Anti-Allergic Cleaning.

What makes us different?

As a cleaning company we are under the highest standards of cleanliness. We are affiliated with the ARCSI, International Association of Cleaning Residences of the United States of America.

We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction