Essential oils are comprised of aromatic molecules that typically work in synergy with one another.


Aromaterapia para bienestar emocional y mental en Panamá

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Essential oils should not be considered a miracle cure for emotional issues. However, when realistically and carefully used as a complement to appropriate medical care by qualified medical practitioners, particular essential oils have the potential to greatly assist in supporting emotional wellness.

Essential oils are comprised of aromatic molecules that typically work in synergy with one another. Because essential oils evaporate quickly (known as being “volatile”), their molecules are easily inhaled. Without providing an intimidating lesson in olfaction (the science of the sense of smell), the inhalation of these naturally occurring synergistic molecules provide triggers to our brain. These triggers effect our emotions. Inhalation of these wondrous molecules also provides physical benefit which may also work together to aid in our emotional state.

For example, linalyl acetate is an ester that is present in Lavender, Clary Sage and a few other essential oils. It has been shown to be calming and can be helpful when feeling stressed or anxious.

Fragrances recommended for Aromatherapy for emotional and mental well-being in Panama

  • Aromatherapy for Emotional Well-Being

Not all essential oils provide the same level of benefit for all persons. Past memories associated with particular aromas can have a positive or negative effect. Rose Essential Oil, for instance, is known for aiding during times of grief. Your past experiences with the aroma of Rose Oil, however, may impact its effectiveness for use during times of grief. If you had a loving grandmother who often smelled of rose, for instance, your reaction when smelling rose may differ than if you had an abusive grandmother who typically smelled of rose. If your rose-smelling grandma died, your reaction to the aroma of rose will be impacted by your past associations with the aroma. Do not force yourself to use an oil that elicits negative feelings or that you don’t like the aroma of, even if it is one that is listed below.

It is important, therefore, that you treat any list of essential oils used for emotional well-being as a starting point.

  • Five essential oils for anger management

Sometimes the pressures of daily life can build and eventually cause us to break. The stress, tension, and outbursts of anger are no fun for anyone, so it’s crucial that you take some time for self-care so that you can manage your anger. One of the best tools for anger management is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can help reduce stress and anger and help promote mindfulness and a sense of calm. So if you are looking for a natural way to manage anger, consider trying aromatherapy or ask us for advice on Aromatherapy for emotional and mental well-being.

Aromatherapy can reduce stress in a number of ways. The primary method of aromatherapy anger management is through inhalation. Inhaling calming aromas whether you use a diffuser or simply inhalation can reduce adrenaline, increase serotonin production, and trigger positive sense memory. All of these things can help you reduce feelings of anger and frustration and help you manage your stress in a healthy and relaxing way

  • Essential Oils for Anxiety

    Feelings of unease or worry can be helpful when they motivate you to take positive actions to solve problems. But they can be detrimental if they prevent you from experiencing joy and happiness in your daily life. If you have a difficult time soothing anxious feelings, there are essential oils that can help.
    Many essential oils high in the chemical constituent linalool are well known for their ability to reduce sad and anxious feelings. Lavender is high in linalool and when taken internally reduces anxious feelings.* Its calming aroma can also help cut through feelings of stress and promote relaxation.
  • Essential oils for confidence

Essential oils for confidence, creativity and self-esteem help to boost your confidence and support you living life to the fullest.* The oils you use should smell good and make you feel good when you inhale them.
Surely you’ve heard that confidence is one of the sexiest traits a man or woman can have. Confidence makes us hold our heads high, working and playing without second guessing ourselves. Confidence allows you to grab onto opportunities when they show up, without fear. Yet, so many of us continue to struggle.

Essential oils for confidence, creativity and self-esteem support a higher level of confidence by first relieving fear, stress, and tension that prevent us from living life to the fullest.*

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