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Concrete Polishing Services Panama

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Concrete Polishing Services Panama


Due to the stylish look it provides and its durability, Polished Concrete is a very popular choice for flooring in any area of the home or commercial space.. Its thermal mass properties are also becoming more recognised for warmth efficiency. And if you are prone to allergies polished concrete is a great choice. Concrete doesn’t hold dust or small particles, which makes it a healthy option for all.

Polished concrete is cheaper than any other conventional flooring. Architects and home designers are using concrete as a natural modern influence to enhance and increase the value of home.

Many different looks can be achieved when polishing a concrete floor; Full Aggregate Exposure, Salt & Pepper Exposure (a small amount of aggregate), or Plain / Natural Polished Concrete with no aggregate, which is common in warehouses but becoming more popular in residential environments. Other options include coloured concrete, decorative cuts, designer concrete mixes.

Polished concrete floors are stylish, eco-friendly and timeless in their appeal.

Concrete Polishing Services Panama

Green Cleaning Services, offers complete cleaning services in panama and provides everything you want and expect in concrete polishing Panama

We are the experts in rejuvenating tired old concrete floors to deliver a beautiful, durable low-maintenance polished concrete floor of the highest standard for residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Green Cleaning Services prides itself on the quality of its work and the professionalism of its employees. We have the experience to handle your polishing project. Whether you have an existing floor that is in need of concrete resurfacing, or you are constructing a brand new building, concrete polishing is the perfect flooring option. Easy to maintain, durable, and beautiful; polishing concrete finishing is a great fit for any commercial or industrial application from restaurants to warehouses to manufacturing facilities.

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