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Marble Polishing Services in Panama

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Marble Polishing Services in Panama


In our extensive range of cleaning services in Panama, we provide Marble Polishing Services In Panama.

Stone and Marble Polishing of Floors, Walls, Steps and Tops

Over time most Marble, Granite, Limestone, Terrazzo and other Stone surfaces can become dull, chipped, scratched, stained or damaged. Restoring, refinishing and polishing your Marble or Stone will make a difference between an old looking stone surface and a new factory finish.

Green Cleaning Services can refinish and polish your shower, vanity top, floor tiles, fireplace, table, counter top or any other stone surface back to its original factory finish.

The Polish Your Floors Need to Shine Like New

If everyday wear and tear has removed the luster from your marble floors, it’s time to call Green Cleaning Services, for our special marble restoration and floor polishing system. Even the nicest of residential and commercial marble and granite floors lose that like-new shine after years of use. Our experts know exactly how to give your floors the love and attention they need to look fantastic again. So whether you have floors, countertops, or walls clad in fine natural stone, we will come by and give you a free estimate on what it will take to polish them back to life.


Most natural polishing powders are known to contain the active ingredient oxalic acid, which is also known as potassium oxalate.

The polishing process is sure to give semi-shining or shining effect to the marble floor, and industrial diamonds do it, but smaller graded than that of honing. For marble floors in good condition a polishing can be enough to bring back the shine.


Limestone and marble will stand up to a lot of use, but water, dirt, grit, shoes, and a whole host of other things we use on a daily basis will reduce once lovely floors to tired-looking stone in need of serious attention. When a simple polish won’t do the trick, that’s where Green Cleaning Services comes in.

So before you completely replace your counter or floor, call us and we’ll work our magic to bring that sheen back to your home. If replacement is what you need, check out our fabrication services.

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