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Whether your venue requires a kitchen bin or blue roll for cleaning up, in Green Cleaning Services we have a range of Cleaning supplies in Panama with wide variety of commercial cleaning products to suit your needs. We offer commercial cleaning chemicals that can cut through the toughest grease, dirt and stains, including eco-friendly versions, colour coded cleaning equipment from mops and buckets to rotary cleaners and pressure washers, as well as a range of commercial personal protective equipment and bathroom and safety products.

What do we have available in the sale of cleaning supplies in Panama?

  • General cleaning products

Keeping a hygienic business has never been more important. Your customers’ health. Your staff’s wellbeing. Your business’ future. All are on the line. Leave nothing to chance by using these commercial cleaning chemicals. Whether you need sanitisers for your kitchen surfaces, floor cleaners and laundry detergents for your guestrooms, or bleach and air fresheners for your washrooms, you’ll find a solution to do the job in this range of professional cleaning products.

All these cleaning products are supplied by industry-leading brands so, professional results are guaranteed. With coloured spray bottles and wipes on offer, these cleaning products can even be paired with our huge range of cleaning equipment to help you unlock the benefits of colour-coded cleaning.

  • Washroom Products

Keep your facilities spotlessly clean and invite positive reviews from your guests with this selection of washroom hygiene products, including centre feed blue roll and paper hand towels, bulk toilet rolls, antibacterial soap and hand dryers. Our blue rolls are ideal for mopping up spills as well as cleaning appliances and equipment, whether in a kitchen or washrooom area. Here you’ll also find a choice of powerful washroom chemicals to blast away germs, and keep your facilities cleaner for longer.

Keeping hands clean and eliminating germs is essential in food preparation areas, so ensure hygiene requirements are met in the kitchen and bathrooms with a choice of soaps, dispensers and hand towels. Here you’ll also find toilet brushes, baby changing units, sanitary disposal bins and air fresheners helping you to maintain a fresh, clean environment ensuring that your customers leave with a positive impression of your venue.

  • Waste Management

Commercial bins, kitchen bins and outdoor recyling bins are all essential  when it comes to efficient waste management. Here you’ll find practical and secure storage in the form of stylish pedal bins for hotel bathrooms, large capacity wheelie bins and recycling bins letting you to separate your waste with ease, and preventing it from entering landfill sites. We also offer compostable bin liners and kitchen caddy liners which are 100% compostable, including biobags.

  • Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial cleaning equipment is essential in keeping your restaurant, bar, hotel, hospital or school not just spotlessly clean, but germ-free. Whether you need high level tools for window cleaning, protective gloves, cleaning carts or a quick restock of cloths, squeegees and sponges, you’re sure to find the perfect cleaning tools right here.

This selection of industrial cleaning equipment from top brands will help you achieve the highest standards of food hygiene and ensure a clean, sanitary working environment for your staff and guests. From grouted tiling to carpets and polished wooden floors, find the best professional cleaning equipment you need to tackle all areas of your establishment here, including rotary cleaners, powerful vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and scrubber driers.

Colour coded cleaning equipment is vital to help avoid the risks of cross contamination, allowing you to separate tools and equipment for specific cleaning areas.

  • Social Distancing Equipment

We know that putting safe social distancing measures in place to protect your customers and staff is your priority. Whether you offer self-service or table service, you’ll be looking to reduce multiple touch points to stop the spread of infection, reviewing kitchen hygiene processes, rethinking your front of house seating plan and even reconsidering your menu.

With your plans to reopen, we’re there to support you. We’ve sourced everything you need from personal protection gear such as face masks and visors, disposable gloves and aprons to sneeze guard screens. You’ll also find various types of 2m distance signage and tape to guide your customers safely around your restaurant, cafe or shop. We’ve also selected the most effective commercial cleaning products and alcohol hand sanitisers and put them all in one place so you don’t need to shop anywhere else for all you need to get your business going again. For more advice, read our guide to protective clothing in hospitality.

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