At Green Cleaning Services we provide a comprehensive pest control service and comejen exterminator in Panama.

We have the experience and knowledge in comejen control. We use various techniques to combat termites effectively such as insecticides for comejen, blocking access for comejen and fumigation against comejen, techniques that allow us to combat comejen effectively.

Our knowledge and experience in comejen control make us the best alternative to keep termite pests at bay in Panama

What Are Comejen?

Comejen (also known as white ants) belong to the order Isoptera, are characterized by being social insects that feed on wood and other materials rich in cellulose. There are about 1,900 species of comejen.

They live in colonies that can number more than 2 million individuals. In each colony, the queen is the only one that lays eggs. Most of these insects lack wings, but during the breeding season some develop these organs and leave the group to form their own colonies.

The exceedingly small size of these insects allows them to penetrate the abundant imperceptible cracks and narrow spaces in the walls, floors, ceilings and foundations of residences and buildings.  The Comejen exterminator in Panama will use a stethoscope, since when eating the wood they produce small blows, their pellets or excreta are hard and have 6 concave surfaces.

Treatment of Comejen in Panama

The objectives of chemical treatment are:

  • To protect the building from external attacks
  • To eliminate the comejen
  • Repel the comejen found inside.

Green Cleaning Services’ comejen exterminator in Panama, we determine the procedure to follow, evaluating and taking into consideration everything that we have observed during the inspection to carry out the most effective treatment that causes the least inconvenience to our clients.

We send a specialist representative for this insect to carry out an inspection of your property. If comejen activity is found, a quote will be submitted and the procedure to follow will be indicated.

We try to avoid having to drill floors after construction is complete as it is more expensive and takes more time than spraying the footing. However, in some cases this is not possible.

eliminar comején en Panamá

The goal is to prevent termites from accessing the food source. The way to carry out the work is by drilling the ground or walls every 30 or 40 cm with holes of 12-18 mm in diameter, in which they are injected with long-lasting thermicides, to arrange the perimeter barrier in the subsoil of the area to be protected. The purpose to injecting germicide under pressure is to establish a chemical barrier that comejen cannot cross.

In some cases, when there are marble or ceramic floors, we do not drill inside the structure, only the outer perimeter is treated and the affected areas inside are not drilled.

If the concentration of the comejen Queen can be detected in a given piece of wood, it is best to replace the whole piece of wood.

All our treatments against subterranean termites are guaranteed. If you have an infestation during your warranty, we will treat the affected areas. All our service technicians are professionally trained to provide you with safe and effective service.

Use of Baits - Comejen exterminator in Panama

Sometimes baits can be used to supplement the injection or application of termiticides. Comejen baits are made of cellulose impregnated with a chemical that kills or affects the development of termites.

The termite insecticide used on these baits is slow acting. Thus, it is possible that the worker comejen eat the bait and share it with the other members of the colony. Eventually, the comejen insecticide reaches a lethal concentration in the colony that kills or dramatically reduces it.