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warehouse cleaning in Panama


When we think of cellars, the first thing that comes to our mind is dust, merchandise, shelves. We take care of  warehouses cleaning in Panama city.

We seek that the wineries are pleasant places, free of dust and especially clean, that everything is in place. If your warehouse is located in Panama City and you need a cleaning service like the one mentioned above, Green Cleaning Services is your number 1 choice for the task.

We take care of assigning the necessary personnel and equipment, using the best chemicals friendly to the market environment.

We perform:

  • Floor cleaning with pressure or rotary machine
  • Moving and shelving arrangement
  • Cleaning walls
  • Cleaning of industrial ceiling fans
  • Cleaning of A / C outputs
  • Cleaning of pipelines
  • Cleaning of metal surfaces or any material
  • Cleaning of machinery and equipment
  • Cleaning in heights
  • Cleaning of lamps
  • Window cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning

We are a company dedicated to providing a total quality warehouse cleaning in Panama City. We commit to you to carry out a work that will meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Do not wait any longer and get in touch with us! Our agents will be pleased to serve you.

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