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Office cleaning in Panama


If you are looking to keep the work area clean Green Cleaning Services is your best choice in Panama City.

We are responsible for assigning dedicated staff and we provide all the necessary supplies to clean the work areas, keep them clean and in good condition.

Why do office cleaning in Panama?

Office cleaning is extremely important because we spend a lot of our time there. And we know that.

For this reason our cleaning staff will keep the areas clean and germ free, promoting the good health and welfare of workers, meeting the standards of cleanliness and use of environmentally friendly chemicals.


  • Accumulation of garbage
  • Bad smells
  • Bad appearance
  • Dirt and dust

We offer:

  • Permanent cleaning staff
  • Event cleaning staff
  • Personnel for deep cleaning services

We take care of:

  • Clean floors: Sweep or vacuum and mop.
  • Vacuum carpeting: In case there are carpets, these are vacuumed,
  • Clean bathrooms: Clean toilets, sinks, mirrors, taps, floor.
  • Dump the garbage: As much of the offices as of the baths.
  • Clean office furniture: Remove dust from desks, sort, clean computers, etc.
  • Clean the windows and windows: Remove stains and leave it clear.
    Keep the area with pleasant smells.

A Clean and Neat Office, Speak Well of Those Who Work on It