Did you know that for every cockroach you see in your home or business, there could be thousands more hiding in your walls, pipes, furniture, cabinets, and other places throughout your premises?

We understand that you are extremely uncomfortable knowing you may have an infestation, which is why we are here to help.

People often blame a cockroach problem on poor housekeeping or cleanliness. While cleaning floors, kitchens, and bathrooms is useful and especially important to reduce food sources used by cockroaches, they may get inside and cause an infestation for other reasons.

These pests can hitch a ride on infested items brought inside, get indoors via cracks and gaps in the property’s exterior, enter through drains or sewer pipes and a few species of cockroaches can fly inside when attracted to lights.

At Green Cleaning Services, we specialize in all kinds of pest control, including cockroaches exterminator in Panama. Our highly trained professionals are fully prepared to eliminate your roach problem and help you feel safe in your home once again.

Cockroaches are Tough

Roaches have been around for a long time. The fossil record shows signs of roaches going back as far as 350 million years. You don’t get to survive that long on this planet without being hard to kill!
Some roach facts to be aware of:

  • Roaches can live anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months without food or water depending on the species.
  • Considerable health risks are caused by roaches contaminating food and triggering asthma/allergy attacks.

Some of the most common signs of cockroach infestation:

  • Dark droppings that resemble coffee grounds in the corners of rooms
  • An oily, musty smell in your home
  • Shed cockroach skins
  • A dead cockroach
  • Cockroach activity during the day

If your home is infested with cockroaches, reach out to our experts right away. We have the high-quality products, advanced methods, and expertise necessary to flush out the infestation and prevent these pests from returning.

How We Treat For Cockroaches in Panama

Cockroaches reproduce quickly, so we use a two-visit treatment plan to effectively target and eliminate existing roaches in your home, plus discourage any new ones from moving in.

Step 1: Target Adults and Stop Roaches from Reproducing

The first part of the service is a detailed inspection of all areas in your home with present or suspected roach activity. Your technician will inspect your home and focus on areas where roaches tend to congregate, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

After the inspection, your technician will apply a customized treatment to the areas in your home with suspected or confirmed roach activity.

During this treatment, your technician will:

  • Apply a product that interferes with the cockroach reproductive cycle and prevents new adults from developing
  • Apply an insecticide to kill as much of the active adult population as possible.
  • Use baiting systems or traps to help kill active adults and/or identify the locations where they like to congregate, when necessary
cockroaches exterminator​ in Panama | eliminar cucarachas en Panamá

Step 2: Target Any Roaches that Have Matured After the First Treatment

A short time later, your technician will perform a second treatment to monitor treatment progress and treat any remaining roaches. This service is especially important because it allows us to get rid of any roaches that were in their egg or nymph stage during the first round of treatment and were not exterminated.

Once the second treatment has been completed, we guarantee your home or business will be free from roaches for 30 days from the date of the second treatment. If roaches return at any point during that period, simply let us know and we will send out a cockroaches exterminator in Panama to inspect and treat any new roach activity.