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Green Cleaning Services facade cleaning and glass cleaning service offers a professional soft washing and high-pressure cleaning promising a sparkling finish every time.

We differentiate ourselves in our industry by offering a highly personalised service.

We clean industrial & commercial buildings, malls, hotels, schools, office buildings, factories, residential properties throughout Panama City.

Facade Cleaning Services

Facade which also means the frontage or the face is one of the most important parts of the building as it will be the first impression of your company. To make that first impression as the best impression, we offer facade cleaning services to our clients that ensures that the building has a more hospitable front. Facade cleaning system also helps to remove the harsh pollutants that might affect the facade in the long run.

Facade Cleaning System

It is very important to take care of those high rising glass facades or else the durability of those facades will degrade. We at Green Cleaning Services understand the difficulties in Facade glass cleaning especially when cleaning high rise buildings

Only trained professionals are permitted to perform façade cleaning services. The professionals have prior experience and knowledge about Façade cleaning. This is the reason why we have gathered a dedicated team of façade cleaners under our portfolio.

Our façade cleaners first analyse the condition of building façade and accordingly plan out an appropriate façade cleaning technique. No matter, how tall is the façade; we ensure you best cleaning services.

Skilled team

The most skilled and risky job is façade cleaning. Our services will make sure that our staffs are all equipped with the correct safety equipment when on duty.

We use international standards for cleaning high buildings and we make sure that the building is safe before doing it. Our expert team takes a survey before starting the work to make sure both sides don’t have any damages. In addition, we are certified with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS)

In a city like Panama, which is visited by rains and winds on regular basis and most facades accumulate dust and dirt quickly and the imperfections can be easily seen.

So it is important to clean your facade on a regular basis. Don’t expect your maintenance staff to clean the facades with the same level of quality because facade cleaning is a totally different skill requiring its own tools, experience and expertise which we have in abundance.
Most facades accumulate dust and dirt quickly and the imperfections can be easily seen.

Excellent Service with Competitive Pricing

We offer maintenance of facade cleaning system at a competitive price.

You won’t be disappointed. Call us for a free quote for your Facade Cleaning Services Panama today!