Pressure Cleaning facades in Panama

Pressure Cleaning facades in Panama

The Pressure Cleaning facades in Panama will make everyone have a first great impression of their premises just in front of it.

Your buildings reflect your company and your business ethos. The exterior of your property is the first view that visitors and staff have and creates that all important first impression. Dirty or stained exterior, mould or moss patches, grass sprouting from gutters, dirty windows and doors can all create the wrong impression.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is important so as to increase the longevity of building material and maintain property value

We clean every type of external building material using only the best equipment and techniques. Our tried and trusted methods include pressure washing, and hand scrubbing

We clean the façade of dust, algae, mould and other dirt.

Pressure Cleaning facades in Panama

High-quality products

To remove these impurities, we use appropriate and high-quality products.

A poorly maintained and unsightly exterior to your building can leave a negative impression on staff, visitors and customers alike. We will bring it back to life and put in place a carefully structured and cost effective maintenance plan to preserve the exterior surfaces to your place of work. This will in turn extend the life of your building and can only have a positive effect on current and future value.

Health & safety

We work within all industry standard Health and Safety guidelines and requirements. We will provide all relevant Risk Assessments and Method Statements prior to any work taking place.

Our company is certified with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS). We clean every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes. Whatever the height of the building, Green Cleaning Services provide an efficient, safe and high quality window cleaning service, even where access is a problem.

Expert Services

Our Cleaning Technicians are fully trained and experienced in all Pressure Cleaning facades in Panama that we provide to our clients.

The way it is designed and maintained can reveal quite a few things about how your business is conducted. If your facade is made of glass, the challenge of keeping it clean and dirt-free can be enormous because even the slightest sign of poor cleaning and maintenance get accentuated on a glass facade.

You simply cannot expect to do facade -cleaning through in-house staff services because it is a specialized task involving customized tools and techniques.

Our professionals make real efforts to provide this service inside promised set of time span. It is natural for the facade of your building to lose some of its shine over time. This can happen either due to natural wear and tear or exposure to weather and external environment.

We use specialized materials that are able of attack the glass and repair some of the expected shine, without changing the particular glass.

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