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More about SANITEC cleaning Products in Panama

SANITEC offers a full range of cleaning products, in response to all the different cleaning requirements. The formulas are designed to work in the diverse needs of cleaning and sanitation, to reduce cleaning time and optimize the work of employees. The quality standard is guaranteed by the quality system is implemented for the control of blends and packages. Green Cleaning Services offer a wide range of SANITEC cleaning products in Panama. In this article, we look at some of the characteristics.

Concentrated Cleaning Products – SANITEC cleaning products in Panama

Why Use Concentrated Cleaning Products?

When you’re shopping for a new cleaning product for your business, you’re likely to find yourself having to decide between ready-to-use (RTU) products and concentrates. While RTU products, like SANITEC cleaning products in Panama, can be convenient when you’ve got a small job, a specific task you’re tackling, or are on the go, the truth is concentrated products are going to be more economical long-term. Here are a few of the advantages of using concentrated products:

You’re Not Paying A Lot For Water

Ready-to-use cleaning products only contain small amounts of the active ingredients – which is good! More is not better here. However, that means when you’re buying an RTU product off the shelf, you’re paying someone for a lot of water. It’s much more cost effective to add water to the concentrated product yourself.

Comparing Costs, Concentrates WILL Come Out on Top

While it varies from product to product, a concentrate can work out to be less than 10¢ per bottle of concentrate, while a comparable RTU product can be $3 or more. So, while a concentrated product can seem more expensive from the start, you need to look at how many total bottles are produced from that one gallon of concentrate. The cost savings can be staggering.

Save Shelf Space, Save the Environment

One huge advantage of concentrated products is that they take up less space in a janitor’s closet. They also require smaller packaging that is used up less frequently, which means there is less impact on the environment. Use a hyper-concentrate, and these advantages are just increased.

Dishwasher detergents

Your dishes require detergents with very special characteristics because of the conditions under which the detergent must work. One of its essential characteristics is that it must produce little or no suds or foam because too much foam can inhibit the washing action. Other important functions that type of detergent should perform are the following:

  • Make water wetter (reduce surface tension) to penetrate and loosen soil.
  • Tie up water hardness minerals to permit the detergent to do its cleaning job.
  • Emulsify greasy or oily soil.
  • Suppress foam caused by protein soils such as egg and milk.
  • Help water to sheet off surfaces of dishes, thus minimizing water spots.
  • Protect china patterns and metals from the corrosive effects of heat and water alone.

Environmental deodorant

SANITEC Odour Eliminators are non-aerosol room freshener spray with molecular odour eliminator. Its special formula neutralises the molecules of unpleasant odours and guarantees long-lasting scent where it is sprayed. It can be use in bathrooms, salons, kitchens, car interiors, shoe racks, closets, animal beds, hotel rooms, carpets and fabrics. Remember don’t spray at yourself or other people and for delicate fabrics (like silk or sateen) we recommend first test on an area that doesn’t show.

Disinfectants And Degreaser

What is the difference between degreaser and sanitizer?

A degreaser is intended to clean a surface, so remove contamination. A degreaser is designed specifically to remove oils, greases, and lubricants. Sanitizers are intended to kill various pathogenic agents, like bacteria and viruses. Visit our online shop for SANITEC Cleaning Products in Panama (in Spanish).