Price of house cleaning per day in Panama

Which is the Price of house cleaning per day in Panama?

Green Cleaning Services offers you a regular domestic cleaning in Panama that will ensure a constant state of cleanliness at your house across all seasons and occasions.

Depending on your household hygiene needs and schedule, you can book a weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning services. Also, skipping an appointment is free of charge, we just kindly ask you to inform us two days in advance.

Here are some good reasons to try our daily cleaning service in Panama:

Other than affordability, our regular home cleaning shines with more benefits designed for your comfort and peace of mind. Green Cleaning Services will:

• send you the same cleaner as long as you don’t change the schedule
• provide you with a replacement one during holidays or sickness
• not tie you up with a minimum contract

House cleaning per day in Panama

Take the cleaning off your hands

Your daily cleaning routine becomes mundane and unpleasant, so it makes sense to let the maids take all of these arduous tasks off your hands.

Here are some of the tasks that the domestic cleaners can help you with:

• Ironing
• Vacuuming
• Making beds
• De-liming and de-scaling surfaces
• Wiping appliances and polishing surfaces

We use a house cleaning checklist

Domestic cleaning checklist by room

• dust and polish cupboards and surfaces
• clean the inside and outside of appliances (microwave, oven, extractor, fridge)
• wash dishes
• vacuum and mop the floor
• take out the rubbish and re-bag bins

• wash all surfaces
• clean and polish the sink, tub, mirror, shower cabin, bathtub, toilet bowl, tiles
• dust cupboards and drawers
• mop the floor
• throw waste and re-bag bins

• clean all surfaces and furniture pieces (wardrobe, skirting boards, bed frame)
• change bed sheets
• scrub the door handles, light switches, pictures frames and lampshades
• wash blinds and inside windows within a reachable height
• vacuum and mop the floor

Living Room
• wipe all surfaces, skirting boards, doors and handles, light switches
• dust decorative ornaments, lampshades and furniture
• clean blinds and windows on the inside
• vacuum behind or under furniture, mop the floor

• dusting pictures frames, furniture, skirting boards
• vacuum and mop floor
• clean and polish front door


Our staff is always properly prepared to tackle the biggest cleaning challenges. Their uniforms are specially made for the task and their professional products contain only environmentally-friendly chemicals.

All of the necessary equipment has been provided by us, so that you don’t have anything to worry about or store in your home. Our staff is available all day, every day to answer any enquiries you may have about the cleaning services we provide.

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