Limpieza de ventanas y cristales en Panamá | Window and glass cleaning in Panama

Cleaning specialist for all types of windows (and height)

When our team arrives, they will introduce themselves before starting window and glass cleaning in Panama. Since each house is different, they may walk around the place to determine their focus. You can inform our collaborators where you prefer them to start working. If you don’t have a preference, they will usually start with the inside of the upper floor.

With state-of-the-art equipment and mobile capabilities, Green Cleaning Services window washing services provide the same quality results and unmatched customer service.

What buildings need a window cleaning specialist?

Our professional window cleaners are fully trained for any residential or commercial project. We cover the interior and exterior of your windows to give your home or business a stunning shine. And regardless of height!

  • Residential buildings: We know that washing your windows takes a lot of time off your busy schedule. While we are busy cleaning, you can enjoy some time for yourself and come home to be greeted with spotless clean windows that let light through without any hindrance.
  • Commercial premises: The windows of your business allow passers-by to know what you sell, so you probably have more windows than you have in your home. Our cleaning company is at your disposal to provide you with an efficient and effective window cleaning service so that you can once again enjoy the view from your office or business premises.
  • High-rise buildings: For Green Cleaning Services there are no high-rise windows or those places that are difficult to access, there is no window cleaning service that we cannot reach. We have the specialized team to safely reach your high-rise windows without any damage to your building or property. Don’t worry, our products are also not harmful to tinted windows.

Previous preparation

Our system uses a product to clean sales and squeegees, and we do our best to prevent dirt trail or dripping water in your home.

We understand that the items in your home are valuable to you and we do not want to be responsible for their damages. Therefore, we ask that you remove any items that are attached to windows or located on sills to minimize the risk of breakage or moisture damage. If you forget to move an item, we will carefully place it aside.

Our workers will move any mobile furniture that needs to be set aside to access a window, then return it to its place once the service is complete. Although it is easier to clean a window without curtains, in most cases it is not necessary to remove the curtains. However, if a window is trimmed with a full pane, it may need to be removed. Many customers find this to be a convenient time to clean their curtains and remove them prior to our arrival.

How long will it take to clean all the windows in my house?

Window and glass cleaning in Panama with new technologies, equipment and techniques has made Green Cleaning Services home window cleaning professionals more efficient, affordable and reliable.

In most cases, we assign as many workers to a job as necessary to complete it as quickly as possible. On rare occasions, one day is not enough, and we will make the necessary arrangements at the time of scheduling. If we miscalculate the time needed to finish and need to come back another day, our office will contact you to schedule an end date.

How is the process for a window and glass cleaning in Panama?

We know how to properly clean windows in a safe environment with clean, streak-free and environmentally friendly window washing solutions.

Don’t waste your time and money on window washing companies that can damage your windows or worse, harm your health. Get in touch with the best home window cleaners in Panama.

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