Children’s Playground Cleaning Services

Children’s Playground Cleaning Services

What does Children’s Playground Cleaning Services include?

Our cleaning team has extensive children playground cleaning experience and look forward to assisting you with your center’s cleaning needs.

Providing a clean, comfortable and safe environment helps shape those vital first impressions and speaks volumes about your brand values. It really can transform someone’s day. And not just for those who visit your playground, but for the people working in them too.

We use the best people, and the best methods, so that we always get the best results.

Ensuring your play area is a clean place for your customers to enjoy.

Green Cleaning Services specialise in the contract cleaning and sanitation of children’s playground equipment for businesses of all sizes. Green Cleaning Services recognises that children’s playgrounds are a potential breeding haven for harmful germs and bacteria: in fact, playground equipment ranks as one of the highest germ carriers in any public place.

Your playground will be cleaned with great attention to detail and will encompass all walking surfaces including soft fall areas, all internal and external panels, windows and bubbles, murals, all internal tunnels/tubes, fencing if applicable and interior/exterior water blasting with commercial grade cleaning equipment. Our teams are highly trained to playground manufacturer’s standards.

Green Cleaning Services will provide your younger customers with the healthiest leisure environment possible in line with industry standards and regulations. We will reduce the harmful spread of germs from hand-to-surface contact within your playground areas with the utmost care and professionalism, using only the highest quality child and environmentally friendly products.

Our well trained staff ensures consistent, safe service, with a structured checklist and reporting system to ensure all standards are met, including any maintenance observations.

In addition, it is important to mention that our company is certified with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS)

Tailor your Children’s Playground Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Services will tailor your Children’s Playground Cleaning Services to your facility’s specific needs.  Our cleaners keep open communication through log books so your facility’s specific needs can be addressed.

  • Flexible Schedules: We offer a variety of cleaning options including – Weekly, Every Two Weeks, Every Four Weeks, and One-Time Cleanings for special occasions.
  • Trusted & Professional Employees: We only hire the most qualified individuals to clean your facilities. Our uniformed employees are trained before becoming a Green Cleaning Services

Give us a call to learn more. Our cleaning service experts are happy to answer your questions and arrange for an on-site visit.

Call: Our Cleaning Experts are Ready to Speak with You!

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