Duct cleaning in industrial kitchens

Duct cleaning in industrial kitchens

Duct cleaning in industrial kitchens with hydro-pressure system to remove all accumulated fat and give better ventilation to your kitchen. Contact the experts now

Green Cleaning Services provides professional duct cleaning in industrial kitchens in Panama.

Green Cleaning Services delivers top quality results, utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest standard of customer satisfaction in the industry.

With many years of experience, our highly trained technicians have the skill and experience to tackle any duct cleaning in industrial kitchens in Panama.

Duct cleaning in industrial kitchens

Sophisticated extraction systems

Industrial Kitchens use sophisticated extraction systems to vent smoke, odors and steam away from the cooking area and ensure odors do not migrate to adjacent non -ooking areas.

These systems accumulate large amounts of grease, oil and smoke residue. Consequently these systems require regular inspection and cleaning in compliance with local and international regulations in order to avoid the high probability of fire.

Similarly, lint and dry flammable dust becomes accumulated in the laundry ducts which if left unclean can be a serious fire hazard.

Professional duct cleaning service

Our professional duct cleaning provides you with:

  • Cleaner air for you in your premises
  • Less dust in your kitchen
  • Relief from symptoms related to poor air quality (allergies, coughing, and sneezing)
  • Increased efficiency in your HVAC system

In addition to cleaning the ducts in industrial kitchens , we offer kitchen exhaust system cleaning services as well.

Cost Determined in Advance

At Green Cleaning Services, the cost of your duct cleaning service is determined in advance—there’s no need to worry about unexpected add-ons after our technicians arrive at your building.

We like to maintain an open relationship with our customers and will answer any and all of your questions about equipment, policies, and procedures so you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality service.

Professionally trained technicians

We employ professionally trained technicians that have helped Green Cleaning Services become an expert in the duct cleaning in industrial kitchens field.

We understand you may have questions when it comes to cleaning your ducts. At Green cleaning services, our comercial air duct cleaning process was built with the intent of providing quality work while respecting your home.

Our Process

We inspect your system prior to the first cleaning mapping your entire system.

We clean the hood system from the fan on the roof down to the floor in the kitchen. All equipment is moved or covered as is necessary. Your system will be cleaned to industry standards using high pressure steam washing of the hoods, ducts, and fans.

Careful hand scraping is used when necessary to provide the best cleaning job possible then the hoods are shined and polished. As a preventative measure any cracked or worn belts are replaced at the time of cleaning, eliminating the need for a service call in the future which means less down time and a savings for your establishment.

If you are in Panama, schedule an appointment or call us at 67410097 for your Duct cleaning in industrial kitchens




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