Marble Cleaning Service Panama

Marble Cleaning Service Panama

Marble is an excellent choice for both commercial and residential surfaces due to its manner of permanence, characterized by enduring color and texture, and freedom from deterioration through proper maintenance and care. Making marble a superior choice for countertops and floors.

Professional cleaning system

We can restore the beauty of your tile and granite quickly and efficiently with our professional cleaning system and expert technicians.

Stone surfaces are porous and absorbs soils easily. Mopping can sometimes add soil since the mop water becomes dirty. We blast dirt and grime from the tile and granite with a powerful jet of super heated cleaning solutions.

Simultaneously, the dirt and water are vacuumed.

After cleaning, we protect your grout color by sealing it. The sealer is invisible but prevents soils and liquids from penetrating the surface. Maintenance is easier and more effective.

Our professional cleaning and polishing add sparkle to your surfaces and even buff out minor scuffs and scratches. We clean a variety of natural stone surfaces including marble, granite, limestone and slate. When cleaning tile we also thoroughly wash difficult grout.

Our Process in the Marble Cleaning Service Panama

Clean and Scrub

First we clean and scrub with special cleaning pads usingan effective but safe and non-toxic cleaning solution that removes built up grime from your marble countertops.

Remove Residue

Next our expert technicians use a residue remover to lift and clean the years of built up residue off your marble, to reveal your marble’s original color.


Next we a marble countertop sealer, penetrating deep into your marble to seal and protect your newly clean countertops.


Finally we polish your countertops to restore their original shine and luster.

Our marble countertop renewal service will:

– Eliminate Dirt, Oils and Other Grime
– Remove Germs, Build-Up & Hard Water
– Renew the Lustrous Shine of Your Countertops
– Seal & Protect Your Surface from Staining
– Protect Your Investment

Quote now your next Marble Cleaning Service Panama, remember that we are a company certified with ISO 90012015 Standards and Management Standards of the Cleaning Industry (CIMS)

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