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Back to work, How can Green Cleaning Services help you comply with the guidelines for the return to normality of post-COVID-19 companies in Panama

As a result of COVID-19 the world changed and with it our habits and customs. Recently, the Ministry of Health in Panama announced the guidelines with which companies will have to abide by for the gradual opening of businesses and offices .

The reopening will begin on Wednesday May 13 with the so-called Block 1, which will include:

  • Retail stores with online sales
  • Mechanical workshops and places supplying spare parts
  • Technical services such as plumbers, electricians, A / C maintenance, elevators and office cleaning
  • Artisanal fishing and industrial aquaculture

COVID-19 Return to Work Guidelines

These guidelines have been created so that these businesses, and those businesses close to opening, take precautions and protocols to prevent the spread of the virus while taking care of the health of employees, customers, suppliers and distributors.

Among the highlights of the document published by MINSA guiding the responsibility of entrepreneurs, are:

1) Physical distance: There must be at least 2 meters between people in public and work places

2) There must be daily cleaning and disinfection of all areas, including floors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

3) There will be cleaning and disinfection of workstations and service areas (cookbook, merchandise reception and delivery stations, boxes, wrapping areas, at a cookbook counter, merchandise receipt and delivery counters, boxes, wrapping, jewelry, cosmetics fines and perfumery, telephones, package ticket, waiting chairs and work surfaces, etc.), and any other high-contact surface every 2 hours.

4) There will cleaning and disinfecting other high-contact surfaces every 2 hours on: door handles or locks, grab bars or stair rails, sink and sink faucets, fridges, toilet handles. handles, door access buttons, railings, handrails, microwave keyboards

5) There will be deep cleaning and disinfection, every two weeks.

6) There will be daily cleaning and disinfection of the company’s transport vehicles, home delivery vehicles, transport containers (thermal packaging, baskets, bags, boxes, or any other container). Disinfection between deliveries of thermal containers, boxes or baskets used in deliveries.

We understand that added to the concern that as entrepreneurs you have to reactivate your business, having to deal with all these guidelines only means stress for you. That is why at Green Cleaning Services we can become your best ally to take care of you and your business with our Office Sanitization service in Panama.

Why Use Green Cleaning Services for Sanitizing offices in Panama?

  • With years of experience in the cleaning industry in Panama we know how to apply cleaning and disinfection techniques according to the recommendations of national and international institutions of which we are part as ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association)
  • We use professional and biodegradable cleaning and disinfection products that eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
  • We have collaborators with extensive experience
  • We offer cleaning services to shops, residences, warehouses, and others.

What is done during our Office Sanitization service in Panama?

In an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19, Green Cleaning Services offers environmental deep cleaning and office sanitation in Panama to clients and other organizations in Panama City.

This specialized deep cleaning and misting service is available as a precautionary measure, or for decontamination of premises where a case of COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed.

Performed by our trained technicians, our office sanitization service can be used to reach small, large, or hard-to-reach areas in a short period of time. After thoroughly cleaning an area, we use nebulization to kill up to 99.999% of harmful pathogens.

Our service allows the sterilization of the entire interior of a room, including the atmosphere, furniture and surfaces. Fogging is a strong disinfectant but does not harm the environment.

The process is quick, allowing you to enter the treated rooms after just an hour.

Staff are certified for infection control and wear the required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

This deep cleaning service can be applied to all types of premises, for example, medical care, general offices, educational establishments, retailers, factories. It can also be applied to vehicles.

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