Panama antiseptic cleaning

Panama antiseptic cleaning

At Green Cleaning Services, we provide thorough cleaning before and after disinfecting flood damaged premises and healthcare facilities throughout Panama.

Poor hygiene in healthcare establishments such as hospitals, dentists, and GP surgeries, can put people’s lives at risk. Infections can spread quickly throughout these areas with devastating consequences.

Healthcare environments have strict legislation surrounding the standards of hygiene that must be maintained. Providing a clean and safe environment ensures the risk to patients from healthcare associated infections is reduced to a minimum.

Panama antiseptic cleaning

Our Specialist Disinfection Service

  • Emergency service provided quickly and efficiently
  • Safe disposal of waste gives you peace of mind
  • Well trained personnel, carrying out professional service using safe systems of work
  • Reduction or total removal of microbial populations – preventing the transmission of infectious diseases through ingestion, injection, inhalation or contact

Specialist Disinfection & Environmental Cleaning Services

Our professionally trained teams safely disinfect potentially hazardous areas that can be harmful to health. Providing a rapid response and removing all sources of contamination, we minimize the spread of illness, infection and disease using approved disinfectants that destroy the presence of bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Our specialist disinfection teams have the knowledge and expertise to provide a safe, discrete and effective solution for an extensive range of high-risk environments, from biohazard cleaning and sharps removal to sterilizing bin chutes and odor elimination. Completing all disinfection services with full legislative compliance and ensuring that all collected waste materials are disposed of in the correct manner.

With access to specialist equipment and disinfectant cleaning materials, we provide a thorough clean that removes harmful substances without damaging property or surrounding areas.

Infection Control

We work closely with healthcare facilities and similar establishments where infections spread quickly. Our focus is to use excellent cleaning solutions in order to control infection and to keep your surroundings clean, hygienic and well-maintained.

All our processes, equipment and cleaning and disinfectant products are carefully chosen and maintained to ensure clean, safe environments for patients, medical staff and visitors.

Healthcare and medical facilities combine areas of high-traffic and high risk of cross-infection, so Green Cleaning Services processes always take these into account.

We use our extensive and unique range of expert disinfection and deep cleaning services to ensure potentially harmful and hazardous local environments are dealt with in a safe secure way. This includes outbreaks of viruses, which our specialist cleaning team using specialist disinfectant and air anti-contaminant aerosols to rapidly decontaminate whole buildings or individual contaminated areas.

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