Cleaning service in Panama

Cleaning service in Panama + aromatherapy

Green Cleaning Services is committed to providing superior service to people who wish to avoid chemically derived cleaning agents. We offer personalized cleaning for residences and businesses.

We understand the busy Panama City lifestyle and we know that the last place you would like to be stressed out is in your home or in the office cleaning. No one has time to clean much less think about the chemicals in their cleaning products. With our service, you can enjoy life and still come home to a clean house or be in the office with an invigorating environment. Our Cleaning service in Panama is founded on the idea that you deserve a quality cleaning at a great rate, while using the best products nature can offer.

Our Eco Cleaning/Aromatherapy cleaning service offers a peace of mind and saving on to your budget. Certain essential oils can trigger physical or emotional effects on their own. For instance, lavender is a widely known calming agent, whereas peppermint is a mood lifter. Other oils are blended to achieve a desired physiological or psychological effect. Blending ylang ylang with grapefruit relieves stress. You can create your environment without using toxic chemicals to clean or mask odors.

Your satisfaction and happiness is our number one priority so we guarantee our high standard of quality and your complete satisfaction with every cleaning. Our friendly associates accommodate your schedule with several types of service options including Residential, Move in/Move out, Deep Cleanings, Office, Artist studios, Retail, Restaurant, and Small Businesses. All of which can be completed by a professional cleaning technician any day of the week using our eco friendly cleaning products and our aromatherapy environmental enhancers.

What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure essential oils extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems, bark, roots, fruits and even seeds of a variety of plants. The incredibly potent oils created can then be used alone or combined with other carrier oils, such as almond, sunflower or even oil. You may be familiar with the use of aromatherapy in massages and other spa treatments but did you realise that aromatherapy can also play a powerful role in residential and commercial cleaning?

How is the Cleaning service in Panama combined with aromatherapy?

Role of Aromatherapy in Cleaning

The smell of accumulated dirt, grime and mould – not to mention stale air – can be overwhelming when cleaning; in fact, the odours can even cause nausea and sickness if there is poor ventilation.

However, with a few drops of essential oils in the right places, the cleaning can become invigorating, rather than tiring.

When your home or businessis cleaned with natural aromatherapy products, you not only get a clean and healthy house or office, but one that is filled with the intoxicating scents of aromatherapy!

Natural Germ Killers
Pure essential oils are known for their antibacterial, disinfectant, anti fungal and antiseptic cleaning properties.
A great many of the cleaning products we rely on to keep our homes looking their best can be down-right toxic to our bodies.

During October you can take a free electric digital aromatic diffuser with bluetooh when hiring your residential or commercial deep cleaning service. Hurry up and book your cleaning service now.

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