Post Office Christmas Party Cleaning Service

Post Office Christmas Party Cleaning Service

If you’ve opted to hold your Christmas Party at your company headquarters, you’ll need to ensure that everything is properly cleaned afterwards, in preparation for the return to normal service the following day.

It is going to be a great party but who is going to clear up the mess upwards?

There are two choices – yourselves or a professional cleaning company who are experts in these types of things.
In this article, we will give you some tips on how to make the cleaning easier with or without professional help.

Aspects to consider in your Post Office Christmas Party Cleaning Service

Plan ahead

Place bins in convenient but discreet places throughout the office party for disposable cutlery and plates, not forgetting placing trays for plates to be placed on when used.

By doing this, you are ensuring that a lot of the mess is already stacked to your convenience when it comes to cleaning up.


A great place to start is by clearing out bits of waste and freeing up surfaces to be wiped down.

Have separate bin bags for waste, paper, and glass recycling so you can sort items as you go. Sorting out the waste while you are decluttering will get two jobs done at once, leaving you with a clearer looking office before you even begin properly cleaning.

Empty bins

Now the office is clear and clean, ensure you empty the bins so that they are not an eyesore and produce an odour into the office. Also, by having a bin filled with waste for long periods of time they become a breeding ground for aggressive germs. Some of those germs could become a risk to staff if not properly disposed of and washed, therefore ensure you are thorough with your post-party cleanup schedule.

Freshen the air

It’s quite simple to wipe down surfaces and clean up spills but the smell of the party can linger a lot longer. Dot some air fresheners around the office to mask any remaining odours of the party until you can.

Disinfect all surfaces

Now the areas are clear, you can implement an intense cleaning schedule to ensure the office is brought back to efficient levels of cleanliness and sense of professionalism. A standard clean will not suffice, you will need to use disinfecting cleaning products to ensure all germs and bacteria are removed. Due to there being a variety of people, a variety of germs would have been deposited within the office, therefore, ensure anyone who visits the office after the party is not left contaminated.

Clean bathrooms

As well as the office itself, the bathrooms will also need a thorough clean to ensure all germs and bacteria are removed and the toilets become safe to use. They will visually need a spruce up as well as require a deep clean of all surfaces.

Call the professionals

The most foolproof way to ensure your office is cleaned after the Christmas party is to employ Green Cleaning Services. The cleaning teams at we clean are fully trained, highly motivated and professionally presented so as to create the right image for you and your business.

Keep in mind that our company is certified with ISO 9001: 2015 Standards and Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS).

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