Concrete floor polishing Panama

Concrete floor polishing Panama

Green Cleaning Services top priority is to ensure the best Concrete floor polishing Panama to business and residential customers who desire quality services.

We commit ourselves to ensuring that our services and technology remains efficient and up-to-date, allowing us to perform jobs efficiently and quickly.

We use the best machinery available, so we can guarantee high-quality workmanship and an expansive variety of finishes to create attractive, professional concrete flooring, leaving customers satisfied and observers impressed.

We pride ourselves on being the best concrete polishing contractors in Panama area and offer a variety of flooring services to our customers. From economical polished concrete to staining, to decorative overlays and floor preparation, we have confidence that Green Cleaning Services will be able to provide options for most all customers’ needs.

Professional concrete polishing

A fine quality concrete floor requires more than just a fine shiny coating.

Professional concrete polishing results in a floor that is not only beautiful, but also strengthened and more durable.
In order to produce proper sheen on polished concrete, the concrete must be ground using diamond resin pads. Grinders with counter-rotational diamond heads are used to ensure easy control and an even finish.

Concrete densifier chemicals are used in tandem with grinders. These chemicals convert calcium compounds in cement to calcium silicates that fill in pores in the concrete creating a harder, smooth surface. We can even dye the concrete if so desired during the grinding process, as well as create decorative tile pattern with detailed cutting. Our finishes are a great alternative to coating, as coating is prone to failure and chipping.

Color and texture

We use a special polishing machine with diamond pads that creates a high gloss shine.

Color and texture can be applied to transform a grey slab of cement into a stunningly beautiful floor that resembles marble or granite.

This Concrete floor polishing Panama is ideal for warehouses, automotive service departments, industrial centers, and any location where concrete plays an aesthetic role in the facility.

Remember that Green Cleaning Services in a company certified with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Standards and Cleaning Industry Management Standards

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