Hotels Santitization Services Panama

Hotels Santitization Services Panama

We offer the Hotels Santitization Services Panama following MINSA protocols

As people return to everyday life—and even once COVID-19 is behind us—the hotel industry will not return to business as usual in terms of hygiene, cleanliness and distancing. Hotel owners and operators will need to adapt to a new reality where a much larger percentage of guests are what would have formerly been referred to as germaphobes.

Conferences. Business trips. Family vacations. People visit hotels and resorts for many reasons. Whether for business or pleasure, most patrons look forward to the experience of being pampered by hotel staff.

Who doesn’t love wearing a fluffy robe, coming “home” to a freshly made bed or ordering room service? However, the last thing someone wants to think about when checking into a hotel room is germs.

Fortunately, many people are now very concerned about sanitation and cleanliness.

Appoint a Cleanliness Manager

The cleanliness manager will be responsible for developing a cleanliness plan, implementing the plan, updating the plan, training employees and ensuring that guests’ hygiene-related questions are immediately answerable.

This individual will also ensure that your establishment remains in compliance with any governmental orders, and is the point of contact for any health department questions or inspections.

Having one clear point of responsibility for a hotel’s cleaning and disinfection procedures maximizes the chances that any health department questions or inspections will end favorably, and will decrease the chances that a guest will receive incorrect information or information that otherwise paints your hotel in a negative light.

That manager will oversee more-frequent hotel cleanings, make sure hand sanitizer is easy for guests and employees to get to, and distribute masks to staff, among other duties.

• Cleaning is defined as the removal of dirt and impurities, including germs, from surfaces. Cleaning does not kill germs, but it does decrease their number and, therefore, many risks of spreading infection.
• Disinfecting is defined as the process of using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs. However, killing germs remaining on a surface after cleaning further reduces the risk of spreading infection.

Sanitation guidelines for hotels

When thinking about hotel sanitization, you must follow the exact steps one would take from stopping at the front desk, swiping their key-card, to finally turning out the lights when going to sleep. Everything that gets touched should, ideally, be sprayed and wiped down with disinfectant.

The cleaning frequency of cleaning and disinfection must be increased throughout your hotel, but especially in high-traffic areas such as the lobby, front desk, stairs, elevators, escalators, bathrooms, entrances/exits, casinos, restaurants, bars, lounges, business/computer centers, gyms, spas and children’s areas.

Below are some of the items that should be on the daily cleaning checklist:

Items to Clean Daily:
• Doorknobs
• Counters, tables, and common surfaces
• Payment signature pads
• Pens, writing devices
• Remote controls, telephones, light switches
• Elevator buttons, room keys

Enforce safety and sanitation guidelines

We hope you now feel more prepared to streamline your hotel’s operational and safety procedures for future guests post-travel-ban. Operational managers who create new cleaning procedures, maintain open communication with team members and remind staff of proper sanitation practices can make life easier for everyone during this uncertain time.

If the manager of your hotel needs the professional help of a company like Green Cleaning Services, we are here for you, we follow the protocols of MINSA and we are certified with ISO 9001: 2015 Standards. Contact us for more information about our Hotels Santitization Services Panama.

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