Cleaning construction offices in Panama

Cleaning construction offices in Panama

Cleaning construction offices in Panama by professionals and under national and international protocols

The construction sector will open the doors of its offices and activate in projects from Monday, June 1, after more than 2 months of closure due to the measures taken by MINSA to try to control the spread of COVID-19 In Panama.
Returning to offices and construction projects involves 2 very important processes to take care of the health of your collaborators and clients. These two steps are CLEAN and disinfection.

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different processes:

Cleaning means physically removing germs, dirt and organic matter from surfaces.

Disinfecting means using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. It’s important to clean before disinfecting because organic matter and dirt can reduce the ability of disinfectants to kill germs.

A combination of cleaning and disinfection will be most effective in removing the COVID-19 virus. Cleaning reduces the soil load on the surface, allowing the disinfectant to work and kill the COVID-19 virus. Disinfectant may not kill the virus if the surface has not been cleaned with a detergent first.

This is more important when offices have been closed for long periods of time and without natural ventilation.

How can Green Cleaning Services help you in cleaning construction offices in Panama?

How Do We Clean Coronavirus?

The coronavirus has gained notoriety for being especially tricky to control. The Coronavirus get by on surfaces, and people who contact it might very well not even show any symptoms until about 2 weeks after they get it. All of these make the disease especially challenging to track and control.

This is why you’ll need to have an effective ailment-remediation organization on your side.

At Green Cleaning Services, we ensure to respect all Panama government guidelines as we operate. Our technicians are certified by The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, and we make it a point to be meticulous as we adopt the most cutting-edge systems with regards to the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease cleanup operation.

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) is still relatively new, we make sure to go by the indications of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as we draw up forward-thinking arrangements.

•We use the best in modern, high-quality cleaning equipment
•We ensure that all contaminated materials will be effectively cleaned and appropriately discarded as biohazard squander
•We ensure that all our certified cleanup technicians we always wear our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and respirator
•We take the prospect of disease outbreak very seriously, and we also understand that you – as well as your employees and family members – will need to be safe.

We Provide a Fast and Agile Response to Emerging Viral Threats

Green Cleaning Services give your organization the ability to act quickly and decisively to mitigate potential public health threats. Based on the highest biosecurity standards, our management practices have been proven to significantly lower the dangers of contagious disease outbreaks.

Together, we have the right people, equipment and expertise to meet the demands of any COVID-19-related assignment, including:

•Contaminated Site Cleanup
•Hazardous and Infectious Waste Management
•We routinely perform decontamination services for any industry, any setting, and we do it safely.
•Emergency and After-Hours Response
•Waste Disposal Services

Prevent the infection of coronavirus during building and construction work

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is contagious for both indoor and outdoor work. Work at Panama construction sites must be organised along the same guidelines that apply to other work environments.

It is important that the work at construction sites is organised to protect the employees against the risk of coronavirus infection. This applies to both indoor and outdoor work.

Panama legislation requires that the employer must ensure that the work is planned and organised, so that it can be conducted responsibly,

If an employee becomes sick, the project will be stalled to prevent the spread of infection at the construction site.

Good cleaning practices include:

– Clean or sanitize more regularly than usual
– Clean handles, surfaces and toilets several times per day
– Ensure that there is frequent ventilation in site offices, etc.
– Wipe tables between dining times
– Washtables and chairs in meeting rooms
– Do not forget the coffee machine or microwave

We also take care of cleaning and disinfecting your corporate cars or construction machinery.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world, it is important to disinfect high-touch areas to slow the spread of disease. Hard vehicle surfaces, including door handles (inside and out), seat belts, cup holders, door locks, window buttons, gear shifts, truck tailgates and mirrors should be routinely disinfected throughout the day to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum. We should also remember that the driver will also touch other more obvious hard surfaces such as steering wheel, turn signals, center consoles and the radio. All soft, porous surfaces, like upholstery fabrics and leather, should be routinely disinfected as well.

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