Kindergarten Cleaning Panama

Start the new school year with a very clean place!

Why you need a professional kindergarten cleaning service?

Anyone who works with kids knows how difficult it can be to clean up after them.

Child care centres, preschools and kindergartens are wonderful places of learning, creativity and fun, but they are also some of the toughest places to keep clean and tidy. Most importantly, dirty toys, bedding, eating utensils and surfaces are breeding grounds for germs and infectious diseases, so it is vital that high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained at all times.

Help prevent the spread of infectious disease

Good hygiene and thorough cleaning practices in childcare centres and kindergartens are essential for minimising the spread of harmful microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. Young children and babies are especially vulnerable to cross-infection because they lack the more robust immune systems that enable adults to easily fight off germs.

The way that children interact with each other and with adults in preschool and daycare centres means that germs and diseases can spread quickly. Children, especially younger children, have close contact with other people through playing or cuddling. They also like to put objects in their mouths, and they may not always cover their coughs or sneezes. Because some germs can survive on surfaces – such as bench tops, doorhandles and toys – a child may touch a contaminated surface, then put their hands in their mouth and become infected. Also, if a child has an ill sibling at home, they could be incubating an illness, and risk bringing germs from home into your facility.

Our daily professional cleaning service will ensure that every surface and piece of equipment is cleaned and sanitised, ensuring any germs are eradicated at the end of the day, preventing the spread of infection.

Kindergarten specialised cleaning services

Green Cleaning Services can provide:

• Pressure washing and sanitising of chairs, tables, toys and equipment
• Scrubbing/pressure washing and sanitising of bathrooms and nappy change areas
• Window cleaning
• Wall cleaning
• Carpet cleaning (machine scrubbing/shampooing)
• Strip/seal and buffing of vinyl floors
• General cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting of kitchens, sleep areas, rest areas and play areas

Improved environment

A clean and tidy learning space creates a more inviting, positive atmosphere. A regular professional clean will make your facility a more enjoyable space for children to spend their day in, and for your staff to work in.

Green Cleaning Services know exactly what needs doing, and how to do it properly. We are familiar with all the cleaning “hotspots” in a children’s environment, and will make sure your facility is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to the highest standard.

We know that we have a responsibility to care for and to protect the environment in which they operate. This involves:

• Minimising waste through the careful and efficient use of resources and energy.
• Using sustainable cleaning products and equipment wherever possible
• Disposing of waste products responsibly.

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